A sustainable lifestyle platform that enables us to be mindful of life on our planet.

Based in Mumbai, India.


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A state of profound awareness of the universe.

Welcome to a collective of humans trying to
help sustain life on our planet.
So good to see you here!

our purpose

To foster environmental awareness and action, ultimately improving our impact on this planet and its life forms.

At its core, in-yūgen is an attempt to do our best to be better to all forms of life, the environment, our planet, and the universe at large. It’s a collective effort to hold on to our moments of yūgen and try to make them last.


We curate businesses, brands and tools to help you:


  •          Find ways to live a sustainable lifestyle

  •          Choose ethical, sustainable products

  •          Support or create green initiatives

  •          Drive local change



Being mindful of our impact on our planet.


Finding moments to love and support nature and life on Earth.


Protecting our planet and life on it through all that we do.

Meet The Team

Namrata Lunia

A wannabe-conservationist moonlighting as a marketer & MBA student while finally realising her dream of working for the protection of wildlife & nature.

Radhika Chandorkar

I love big dogs, foliage plants, eclectic music, abstract conversations and debates, and people who manage to change my worldview.

Shefali Samdaria

A discoverer of the simpler side of life (and products), who would love to see a little more compassion in the world - and is trying to do something about it.