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how to protect our planet

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Welcome to in-yūgen! We're so glad you could join us, here in this space that brings together all things good for our planet & its life forms.


All the organisations, institutions and information we curate are  thoroughly researched for their environmental impact - what we publish is and will always be what our planet needs.

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How to improve your kitchen's impact

There are some truths that, when learned, pervade; they seed into our consciousness and, every so often, when we give them more thought, they manifest. They create a change in our behaviour.

Knowing how our kitchen products affect the environment might surprise you; it may even go on to change you.

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Understanding India's water crisis

India is indeed a country like no other; remarkably adept at presenting the starkest of extremes in a given situation. The water crisis truly brings this to the fore through the irony of headlines that speak of both devastating floods and crippling droughts all at once.

While we explore why we've reached this water-stressed status, let's also focus on what each of us can do to alleviate the crisis in our own way - and help the scales swing towards more balance.



Being mindful of our impact on our planet.


Finding moments to love and support nature and life on Earth.


Making choices that will protect our planet and life on it.

"A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognises that an organism at war with itself is doomed.

We are one planet."

Carl Sagan